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Deborah Samuel was born in Vancouver, Canada. Her family moved to Toronto and then to Ireland before she was 14. She studied art in Ireland at Limerick College of Art and Design and then returned to Canada to study photography at Sheridan College.

Deborah Samuel was quickly recognized for the distinct style of her fashion photographs and for her intuitive and intense portraits of celebrities, musicians and writers like Leonard Cohen, Margaret Atwood, Rush and Queen Noor, while she refined her personal work and exhibited extensively. Professional opportunities required time spent in New York, London and Los Angeles before she ultimately decided to settle in LA where she became an in demand editorial portrait photographer. Deborah Samuel worked for magazines such as GQ, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Spin and Entertainment Weekly, in addition to directing music videos for musicians and bands for numerous record companies.  Concurrently, in the galleries, Deborah Samuel’s photographs of nudes explored the pursuit of perfection in the media age- a prescient topic. Later her work evolved into formal portrait studies of animals and nature.

In 2012, The Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto exhibited ELEGY, a poetic solo exhibition of animal bones.
In 2017, The Gardiner Museum, exhibited ARTIFACT, an exhibition of strikingly creative photographs-elements of the divine.

Deborah Samuel currently lives in Prince Edward County, Ontario where she keeps a studio, Mac her Jack Russell and Crow a Spanish Mustang. She shows her photographs in the United States, Canada and internationally. Her work resides in the collections of the Royal Ontario Museum, Winnipeg Art Museum and Santa Barbara Art Museum as well as numerous private and corporate collections. Deborah Samuel has lectured and led photography workshops throughout North America. She has published three books, Dog and Pup, a collection of canine portraits, and The Extraordinary Beauty of Birds: Designs, Patterns and Details. 

2017 • THE EXTRAORDINARY BEAUTY OF BIRDS, Webster Collection, Santa Fe, NM (with Willis F Lee/Ephemeral)
2017 • ARTIFACT, Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Canada
2012 • ELEGY, 333 Montezuma Arts, Santa Fe, NM
2012 • ELEGY, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada.
Co-Presented by the Life in Crisis: Schad Gallery of Biodiversity and the Institute for Contemporary Culture.
2009 • PASSING, 222 Shelby Street Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
2008 • PASSING, Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2004 • DOG, Drabinsky Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2003 • THE DOGSHOW, Conduit Gallery, Dallas, Texas (with Marty Walker)
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1996 • EXHIBIT, Special Photographers Gallery, London
1996 • EXHIBIT, Tatar Alexander Gallery, Toronto
1993 • VENUS PASSAGE, Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto
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1989 • CIRCLE SERIES, Jane Corkin Gallery, Toronto
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2017 • ARTIFACT, Gardiner Museum, Toronto, Canada
2012 • ELEGY, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada.
Co-Presented by the Life in Crisis: Schad Gallery of Biodiversity and the
Institute for Contemporary Culture.
1999 • ADCC 50-Year Retrospective, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto
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