Deborah Samuel Dogs and horses portraits photographed by Canaian Photographic Artist, Deborah Samuel



Miss Hiss.I / Greyhound 2001

“Her fascination with the characteristics of different breeds, her instinctual eye and her innate ability to move with each animal into a moment of photographic clarity have never faltered."


- Lauren Carter  /  Bark Magazine, USA


Georgia Peach.I / Labrador Retriever 2001

Buckley.1 / Samoyed 2001

Twyla Rose.II / Afghan Hound 2013

Eve.II / Borzoi 2013


“Throughout her work Samuel consistently captures the spirit of her subjects in a style that she has made her own.


‘You have to have a lot of patience and an ability to isolate the moments that best define the nature of the breed, but also the character of the particular dog.


You need to be “in sync” to draw out these qualities, and it requires you being in touch with your intuition.”



- Dawn Sumner  /  British Journal of Photography, UK

Summer.I / Afghan Hound 2005

Leap.I / Ibizan Hound 2004

Rolland.I / Bull Mastiff 2001

Juri.I / Basenji 2000

"Samuel's work is informed by an eloquent and elegant sensibility, as well as a profound respect for her subjects.”


 - Lauren Carter  /  Bark Magazine, USA

Alice and Bess.I / Manchester Terriers 2000


Margot.I / Poodle 2002

Miss Hiss.I / Greyhound 2001

Wang.1 / Whippet 2001


Akin to her previous portfolio Dog and Pup, Horse, is rooted in Deborah’s life-long respect and affection for horses.


To photograph them she employs a medium format camera and her vast experience as a portrait photographer.

Crystalette.I 2003

Manjerico.II.II 2006

Manjerico.II.VII 2007

Orgulhoso.III 2007

At liberty in front of her camera, the horses are free to be themselves.


Her voice and her presence hold them in trust while she waits, quiet and still, for the moment or gesture that is true.


That moment may be a defiant toss of a mane or a soft gaze full of confidence and curiosity.

Orgulhoso.V 2006

Bandito.II 2003

Sometimes the image she makes is simply a definitive detail-the elegance of a sleek muscled neck or the curve of a nostril.


Each portrait contributes to the everlasting beauty that is Horse.

Salty.III 2003

Orgulhoso.I 2006

Jewel.I 2003

Jewel.III 2003

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