Deborah Samuel


Matrix.126 2009/2016


explores a narrative of transformation defined in three series —








I asked her about the Artifact series, and she welled up with tears.


“That was so personal.


That was my horse,” she said.


I’d love to share it here, but it’s not fair to not tell it properly.


Suffice to say the luminous black and white images are the ashes of her beloved horse and stones she collected during his illness.


“When he died, I realized I had picked up the stones because they were like his eyes.


All I had left were ashes and stones so that’s what I used.


I worked obsessively on it, then put it away for six years.”


Janel Davies - Watershed Magazine, Canada





Every being, every action and every thought has its own beginning and its own end threading within the excavation of ones own life path.


Excavation.11 2009/2016

Excavation.30 2009/2016

Excavation.27 2009/2016

Excavation.08 2009/2016




Collectively the collection presents a planetary effect, evoking ancient human cultures and mysterious celestial constructions.


Ambiguous in scale, and sensual in tonality and texture, the stillness of the compositions renders them serenely minimalist.

Thread.06 2009/2016

Thread.34 2009/2016

Thread.33 2009/2016

Thread.45 2009/2016



We are invited to consider another sort of artifact on an intimate and human scale;


something lost, left behind and carefully buried for safekeeping and alternately exposed to reveal its existence.

Matrix.81 2009/2016

Matrix.126 2009/2016

Matrix.114 2009/2016

Matrix.113 2009/2016

"...She returned to Artifact after completing Elegy and The Extraordinary Beauty of Birds.


“I see now I was working my way through issues of death and life.


The bones were memorials, the birds were beauty and life.


Ultimately Artifact felt like the universe to me.”


Elementals, influences, connections


Deborah has been called “skilled in the bizarre and the beautiful.” I found her a passionate communicator.


She said simply, “I’m a portrait photographer.


I do portraits of people, bones, flowers, stones and dogs.


It’s a silent communion with animals.”

Janet Davies — Watershed Magazine, Canada

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