Deborah Samuel Commissioned dog photographs by Canadian photographic artist, Deborah Samuel


Dog Commissions

Rolland.I / Bull Mastiff 2001

Deborah Samuel’s love for dogs is memorialized in two hard-cover books, Dog and Pup.


By request, Deborah graciously accommodates private commissions of canine portraits from dog lovers.


Alfie.1 / Border Collie 2018

Ivy.1 / Border Collie 2018

Celebrate your canine companion

Cricket.4 Dachshund 2018

Large-format, signed and editioned, Museum-Quality Watercolor Photo Rag Print

James.1 / Poodle 2004

Summer.1 Afghan Hound 2005

"Dogs brought me back to the two things I love the most ―  animals and photography."


Her unrivaled technical ability and impeccable taste and you have an artist who consistently produces memorable images that matter to her. And because they matter to her, they matter to many of us. Samuel achieves a visceral connection to a viewer that much contemporary art, aimed at the curator or the dilettante, does not.


- Kelvin Browne / Saturday Post, Canada

Reno,1 Chihuahua 2019

Luna.2  Chihuahua, Border Collie, Australian Cattle Dog, Coyote 2019

Joeybagodoughnuts.1 Cirneco dell'Etna 2001

Georgia Peach.II Labrador Retriever 2002

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