Deborah Samuel



Evening.NM.1 2018

Deborah Samuel has made it a passion to capture the classical elementals


— air, earth, fire, water, the phenomena of lightning, natural, atmospheric, meteorological, environmental, and climatic expressions.



Evening.NM.1 2018

Galisteo Storm..NM.1 2017

Samuel’s instrument is her camera and over a period of eight years, from California and New Mexico to the mysteries of Ireland she has captured the purity and emotional gravity of our world.


Galisteo Basin.NM.5 2017

Lakes of Killarney.Ireland.1 2017

"Her Elementals – sweeping, saturated landscapes – are also portraits of places dear to her heart.


“It doesn’t matter how you capture an image, as long as you have something to say,” she said.


"Whether it’s California, New Mexico, Ireland or here, I look for the vibe that makes a place different.


The land speaks to us, you know."


Deborah Samuel is a Canadian legend. Hallelujah!"


Janet Davies - Watershed Magazine, Canada

Killaloe.Ireland.6 2017

Lake Ontario. Canada.1 2017

Zion.Utah.1 2019

Muckross Lake.Ireland.2 2015

Her exploration is all about emotional contact.


In skepticism and wonder, her Elementals series reflect the ‘wonders’ of life’s fragility, transience and persistence of vision.


Shannon. River.Ireland.4 2016

Rossbeigh Beach.Ireland.10 2015

Galisteo Road.NM.1 2016

Plaza Blanco.NM.1 2019



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