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Leonard Cohen / Musician

"Her work is in public and private collections around the world, and possibly in yours, too, if you collect vintage vinyl."


- Janet Davies  /  Watershed Magazine, Canada

RUSH - Moving Pictures

Alannah Myles/Alannah Myles

Dalbello - Whoman Foursays

Parachute Club - At the Feet of the Moon

RUSH - Exit Stage Left


I don’t think the shape of a person’s face is the only identity of a person. I think there are lots of facets to people, whether it be their spiritual self, their intelligent self or their emotional self that tells a better story. DS

Alannah Myles/Musician

Alanis Morisette/Musician

Holly Woodlawn/Andy Warhol Superstar

Leonard Cohen/Musician

Tim Burton/Director

Margaret Atwood/Writer

Wesley Snipes/Actor

William Gas/Writer

Leonard Cohen/Musician

Althea Gray/Healer

Sherry Tipton/Sculptor


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