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The progress of life draws us towards a deeper understanding of the cycles of life.


Cycles found in the waxing and waning of seasons, as in the life cycles of plants, animals and humans, botanicals are compelling subjects in the transience of life.


Passing is represented in three cycles: Root, Heart and Remains.





Our present is rooted in our past: our DNA, our childhood experiences and our communal influences. These codes shape how we experience life and respond in it.


This is our foundation, our belief system.



Root.Leaf.I0 2006

Root.Peony.6 2005

Root.Peony.3 2006

Root.Cala Lily.I 2006


Beyond the gifts and burdens of our history is our spirit. We are born with it. It sustains us.


This spirit is buried in some, generous in others.


Ultimately, the root and heart intertwine, becoming a life force that moves us through our cycles.




Heart.Oak.I 2006

Heart.Root.I 2006

Heart.Oak.2 2006

Heart.Cholla.5 2006


What remains?


The imprint of life translated as memory.


Embodied in Remains is the essence of Root and Heart, but transformed and inevitable.

Remains.Dandelion.I 2006

Remains.Fuchsia.I 2006

Remains.Cottonwood.I 2006

Remains.Aspen Leaves.2 2006


The Wandering Angus Series 2006




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