Deborah Samuel


Venus Passage

Trace 1991

"Deborah Samuel confronts the glitter and glam of LA with her own stark vision."


- Karl-Peter Gottschalk  /  Black and White Magazine, Australia

Trace 1991

Blackout 1991

Blk. Bra 1991

Blindspot 1991

As a fashion photographer, I am inundated with questions about ways to fit together the pieces of how one looks and feels. Hanging over it all is the media’s power to set the agenda, to dictate why and how this should be done. DS

Scarlet 1991

My response is to look inside myself, to find my own way of putting all the pieces together.


Backbone 1991

Swimsuit 1991

Spotlight 1991

"She is a photographer with a deep understanding of what she is setting out to photograph.


Her work is deliberate and profoundly focused


In turn, this has guided her diverse personal projects into a unified vision.


There is a very real sense that she is exposing “what was” in order to see “what is.”




-  Steven A. Heller  /  Black and White Magazine, USA .


Scar 1991

The Dam 1991

Autobody 1991

Venus Passage 1991

Thin Skin 1991

Skeleton 1991

Little Man 1991

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